Supermonindia contest

#BhangraTaSajda Challenge

Does the smallest of joys make you break out into Bhangra? Then this contest is for you!

Nacho jee phadke te dikhao apna Punjabi swag by participating in #BhangraTaSajda challenge, only on the Hipi app! Don’t miss this golden opportunity to become famous for your Bhangra dance videos! Scroll to know more about the contest.

Who can participate?

Anyone and everyone who enjoys doing Bhangra dance and wants to showcase their talent to other Bhangra lovers can participate. You don’t have to be a professional dancer to be eligible. You can just make a video enjoying Bhangra with or without your friends on the Hipi app using #BhangraTaSajda and still win.

What can you win through this contest:

The winners will win exclusive Hipi goodies and amazon gift vouchers.

How to participate?

Step 1: Download Hipi App from Play Store or App Store

Step 2: Login or Signup on the Hipi app 

Step 3: Create your Bhangra dance videos with duration up to 90 secs and upload it on your Hipi profile using the hashtag #BhangraTaSajda

Step 4: Share it with friends and family to garner maximum likes and shares to increase your chances of winning.

Rules and Regulations:

1. Anyone can participate to showcase his/her Bhangra talent.

2. The videos or entries are only valid if the videos are uploaded with the hashtag #BhangraTaSajda

3. The videos uploaded should be original and exclusively posted on the Hipi app

4. The duration should not exceed more than 90secs per video.

5. To participate, one needs to be 18+ years of age.

6. Videos are allowed in Punjabi and Hindi languages.

7. The video should be recorded in vertical format (9:16)

Frequently asked questions:

1. Who can participate?

The participant must be an Indian citizen and above the age of 18.

2. How to make an account on Hipi App?

Download the App, register and login to your account to start creating your Bhangra videos.

3. Do you need to be a trained dancer to participate?

No, not at all. If you enjoy doing Bhangra, you can participate.

4. Do I need to pay to download Hipi?

No, it's free and easy to use.

5. Do I need to pay to participate in the contest?

No, it’s free for all to participate. Just download the Hipi app, create an account or login, and upload your dance videos using #BhangraTaSajda

6. For how long is the contest?

The contest will run for more than a month. Try uploading as many videos as possible for maximum engagement to win.

7. What do I win?

10 lucky winners will get a chance to win exciting Hipi goodies and Amazon vouchers at the end of the contest.

8. Will I be paid to upload my dancing videos?

No, you will not be paid for uploading videos, but you will receive exclusive Hipi goodies and amazon gift vouchers if you win.

9. How many videos can I upload in a day?

As many as you want. The more, the merrier!

10. What is the duration of videos to be submitted?

The videos should not be more than 90 seconds.

11. Do I need to submit solo videos, or Can I upload duet or group videos too?

You can upload solo or duet videos. Make sure to use the hashtag #BhangraTaSajda for your entry to be eligible.

12. How is the engagement rate calculated?

Engagement rate for video is calculated by total number of likes, comments, shares, downloads per video view.

13. How many videos do I need to upload to be eligible in the contest?

You need to upload at least one video using #BhangraTaSajda to be eligible for the contest.

14. Do we need to upload every day?

There is no compulsion as such. But more entries will increase your chances of winning.

15. When will the winner be announced?

Once the competition starts, the winners will be announced once every 15-20 days.

16. Can I use filters or effects on my video?

Yes, you can. The Hipi app has a wide range of filters and effects to make your videos interesting.