Hipi Creator Select Program

Hipi Creator Select Program

The Creator Select Program (CSP) represents a thoughtfully conceived initiative aimed at facilitating the monetization endeavors of video content creators. This program offers a streamlined avenue for these creators to generate income through the incorporation of shoppable products within their video content. Such a monetization strategy extends a wide array of financial prospects to short video creators who have consistently entertained and engaged their audiences.

Check your eligibility

Participation in the Creator Select Program necessitates adherence to specific eligibility criteria, which are outlined as follows:

1. Age Requirement: Creators must be a minimum of 18 years old to qualify for participation.

2. Follower Count: Eligible creators are required to have a minimum of 1,000 followers on the platform.

3. Total Views: Creators should accumulate a total of 50,000 views across their posted videos. Another important criterion is Content Compliance. All content submitted for consideration must align with the platform's established community guidelines.

NB: Meeting these outlined criteria is imperative for prospective creators seeking entry into the Creator Select Program.

How to apply for Creator Select Program

Step 1: Visit the Hipi app and go to Creator Select Program Dashboard. Follow these steps- Login on Hipi App > Profile > Settings & Privacy > Creator Select Program

Step 2: Check if you are meeting the eligibility criteria. Apply, if eligible. You’ll be notified if you get selected. To improve your selection chances, continue uploading high quality videos.

Step 3: Once you become a part of the Creator Select Program, create content with products that are visually appealing, and can be shopped by the users.

Step 4: Check your performance and earnings.

Step 5: Check the coins balance and redeem your coins.

A few tips to create shoppable videos

Following are a few of the amazing tactics to get you going on your CSP journey-


There can be multiple products in a video that can be shoppable. From clothes to footwear, haldi powder to pressure cookers, mobile phones to watches, perfumes to lipsticks, this list doesn’t end. So, you have a wide variety of products to include in your videos, and therefore the scope of content creation is immense.


Make sure your video is of high quality.


Try and include appealing products that viewers will be willing to buy.


Create authentic content, without watermarks, and the videos should meet Hipi’s community guidelines. Just be you!

How to earn money on Hipi

The monetization of short videos has gained prominence across various platforms. Creators can earn money through a variety of means, including advertising revenue, sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and direct viewer support.

Creators can generate income through two simple methods on Hipi:


Earn rewards by watching content- Hipi Rewards Program


Earn rewards by crafting shoppable content- Creator Select Program

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