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Kya aap hain asli Dramebaaz?

Get ready to do what you are best at – DRAMA!

Test your lip sync skills with monthly fun challenges of Hipi lipsync battle. If you win, you get once in a lifetime opportunity to be featured in a music video released by Zee Music Company!

Are you ready to light up the virtual stage

Dramebaaz winner

Meet the Dramebaaz

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Who is a Dramebaaz?

You’re an ultimate Dramebaaz if you have these traits:

You LOVE movies and enjoy acting, be it in front of the mirror or camera. Enacting your favourite movie moments or songs is your THING!

You are the life of a party! An entertainer, always ready with perfect movie dialogues and songs for imitation, aka, ‘The Dramebaaz’

You believe that acting is your biggest strength and you have never missed a spotlight. So, showcase your passion for it.

Unlock your boundless potential and become whoever you desire - a content creator, an entertainer, a lip sync master, or a thespian with dramatic flair. The stage is set, and it's time to give your dreams the wings they deserve. The moment has arrived, and it's your time to shine! Discover the #HipiLipsyncBattle and make your mark in the world of entertainment.

How will Hipi Lipsync Battle unfold

Hipi Lipsync Battle is a 6-month competition open to everyone.

Each month will have a unique lipsync challenge theme and participants can lipsync to songs or dialogues in their preferred language

To be eligible, videos must include the monthly challenge hashtag. For the month of February it’s #Love.

A celebrity judge selects the best lipsync video each month and the winner receives Rs.15,000.

After 6 months, the 6 monthly winners compete for the grand prize of Rs. 1 Lakh and a chance to feature in a music video by Zee Music Company.

Contestants can also win daily cash prizes.

The Ultimate Grand Prize

At the end of 6 months, the top 6 finalists will compete for 2 weeks, and one grand winner will be declared. The celebrity judges will choose the asli Dramebaaz based on their talent and the quality of their videos.

The winner of the #HipiLipsyncBattle takes home a cash prize of Rs.1 Lakh and a dream breakthrough of being featured in a music video launched by Zee Music Company!

How to participate

- Step 1: Download the Hipi app

- Step 2: Sign up or log in to your existing Hipi account

- Step 3: Create a video and use the monthly thematic challenge hashtag while uploading.

Win cash prizes, every day!

Want to make quick money with your entries? Garner likes on your challenge videos and stand a chance to earn Rs. 1000 .

Excited? Here’s more info!

Upload your video entries with #HipiLipSyncBattle and the challenge’s hashtag.

Get the like button tapped on your videos by sharing it with your friends and family

The top 20 entries with maximum likes will appear on the leaderboard! The leaderboard will update new likes every 10 minutes so don’t forget to keep an eye out!

Every day at 11:59 p.m, the top creator on the leaderboard will become the chosen leader of the day and win a cash prize of Rs. 1000 .

Daily Leaderboard

  • The Leaderboard only deals with the most liked videos and DOES NOT determine the winners of the challenges.
  • Every 30 days a new challenge is released, and the leaderboard will reset itself accordingly. Your previous challenge entries will not be vaild anymore, but you can always participate in the new challenge to win!
  • Once you win, you will not be able get on the leaderboard until the next challenge is announced. Make sure to participate in the new challenge to grab 1000 bucks again.


Hipi Lipsync Challenges

Final challenge


The Winner

🎤 Calling all creators! 🎭 Participate in the #HipiLipsyncBattle and compete to become the #GrandWinner of the 1 Lakh Cash Prize! 😄😡😢 Show us any 3 emotions through lipsync on a dialogue or song. 🏆 Don't miss this chance!

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Hipi Lipsync Challenges

July challenge


The Winner

Attention content creators! Show us your funniest side and get ready for some laughter-filled action. This is your last chance to win big with a hilarious lipsync video using the hashtag #Lol. We're offering a fantastic cash prize of 15k and the opportunity to be one step closer to winning 1 Lakh cash prize, as well as the chance to be featured in a ZMC music video. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to showcase your comedic talent, make us laugh, and grab those amazing rewards.

Watch challenge video
Hipi Lipsync Challenges

June challenge


The Winner

Calling all content creators! Express your emotions through #Heartbreak videos and stand a chance to win daily cash prizes of 1k for maximum likes. Top entries will win a grand prize of 15k and a shot at the ultimate reward of 1 lakh cash and an audition for Zee Music Company. Unleash your creativity, captivate the audience, and leave a lasting impression. Share your #Heartbreak videos now to showcase your talent and win big! Check contest rules for details.

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Hipi Lipsync Challenges

May challenge


The Winner

Join the Hipi Lipsync Battle's #Retro challenge to create a retro-themed lip sync video and win a daily cash prize of 1k for the most liked video. Stand out and you could also win a cash prize of 15k and the ultimate prize of 1 Lakh and the chance to be featured in a ZMC music video. Don't miss out on this opportunity to showcase your lip-syncing skills and step back in time!

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Hipi Lipsync Challenges

April challenge


The Winner

Get ready to unleash your inner performer with the #Shayari challenge! Show off your lip-syncing skills and upload your poetic videos on Hipi for a chance to audition for Zee Music Company's music video. Participate NOW and let the #Shayari magic begin!

Watch challenge video
Hipi Lipsync Challenges

March challenge


The Winner

Looking to showcase the highs and lows of #StudentLife? Share your unique experiences as a student with us! From balancing academics and social life to the moments that make it all worth it, we want to see it all. grab your camera and join us on this adventure. Let's explore the world of #StudentLife together!

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Hipi Lipsync Challenges

February challenge


The Winner

This Valentine's month Unleash your creativity and spread some love by making videos on the theme #Love - Let's see how you can turn this hashtag into a work of art. upload your video by 28th February for a chance to win the Hipi Lipsync Battle and dance to the rhythm of victory. Use #Love and #HipiLipSyncBattle while you upload your videos.

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Meet our celebrity judges

Ishita Dutta

Judge for the February challenge

Ishita Dutta is an actress par excellence in the entertainment industry with lead roles in successful films and television serials for over a decade. Her captivating performances in the hit movies like ‘Drishyam’ and ‘Drishyam 2’ have been well received, along with her earlier roles in ‘Chanakyudu’ and ‘Firangi’. She earned popularity in television serials like ‘Bepanaah Pyaar’, ‘Rishton Ka Saudagar-Baazigar' and ‘Ek Ghar Bhanaunga’. #TheBiggestFan challenge on Hipi is proof of the love she received from her fans.

Nikita Anand - Miss Universe at Hipi Stunner 2022
Nikita Anand - Miss Universe at Hipi Stunner 2022

Tanvi Thakker

Judge for the March challenge

Tanvi Thakkar is a famous TV actress known for her roles in popular TV serials such as "Yeh Ishq Haaye," "Miley Jab Hum Tum," "Sarvggun Sampanna," and "Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani," Her acting skills have made her popular among television audiences all over the country. Tanvi Thakkar is still going strong with her popular show "Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyaar Mein”. Soon to be mommy, Tanvi Thakker, has been our valued Hipi creator for almost a year and her amazing videos are just everyone’s favourite.

Aanchal Munjal

Judge for the April challenge

Aanchal Munjal is a well-known actress who’s been performing since her childhood. She made her debut in the series "Dhoom Machaao Dhoom" in 2008 and has since appeared in several movies and TV shows in both Hindi and Tamil. She gained recognition for her role in the movie "We Are Family" in 2008. She has also appeared in the popular socio-political drama "Aarakshan" with actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Deepika Padukone. Recently, Hipi held a hashtag challenge around her latest music video, and she received a great response from the Hipi community.

Nikita Anand - Miss Universe at Hipi Stunner 2022
Nikita Anand - Miss Universe at Hipi Stunner 2022

Shweta Sharma

Judge for the May challenge

Shweta Sharma, popularly known as misthiss30 is a prolific Hipi creator whose videos cross millions of views as soon as they are posted on the app. People love her unique style and fashion sense that includes traditional elements, especially her sarees. She makes lip-sync videos using 90's era songs, which are a hit with her followers. Shweta's tagline is "Leaving a bit of sparkle everywhere I go" and she continues to shine on Hipi with her videos, which are highly appreciated by her Hipi community.

Shivangi Khedkar

Judge for the June challenge

Shivangi Khedkar, better known as Pallavi, has won many hearts with her performances in a short period of time. Known for her role in the hit show 'Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali', she shines not only as a talented actor but also as a successful model, gracing beauty pageants, commercials, and photoshoots. Her versatility extends to music videos and her large following on Hipi. Shivangi truly has it all.

Nikita Anand - Miss Universe at Hipi Stunner 2022
Nikita Anand - Miss Universe at Hipi Stunner 2022

Swati Kapoor

Judge for the July challenge

Swati Kapoor has proven her mettle in the entertainment industry for over a decade. She started her acting career in 2010 with her debut role in the TV show "Kaali-Ek Agnipariksha." Later, she appeared in the Punjabi film "Mr & Mrs 420" and has worked in several successful TV shows, including a popular negative role in Zee TV’s "Kundali Bhagya." Set to appear in an upcoming television series named ‘Dhruv Tara-Samay Sadi Se Pare’, she is also a sought after Hipi creator and much loved by the Hipi fam.

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