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Do you have magic in your voice?

Hipi G.O.A.T. is back with a bang! G.O.A.T. is a nationwide digital singing contest, packed with fun-filled, pitch-and-video-perfect challenges. It is your dream chance to go viral in the world of music, from the comfort of your home.

The last season of Hipi G.O.A.T. was a huge success in surfacing a bevy of talented singers, with Chirag Tomar and Sireesha Bhagavatula eventually emerging as the joint winners. After winning the show, Sireesha’s talent blossomed, and she was chosen as the first choice by Amit Trivedi to sing for the movie Qala on Netflix. The music of Qala is now topping the charts. She was also chosen by AR Rahman for the Tamil magnum opus PS 1 by Mani Rathnam. Chirag Tomar’s booming voice is now a sensation amongst his Hipi audience, and he has recently released an original that’s making its way into popular favourites.

This year, Hipi G.O.A.T. is back on the hunt to unearth talent from all over the nation. So, if you have magic in your voice, you could be India’s next superstar and win a dream chance to record a music video under the Zee Music label. Apart from this, the 1st Runner up gets to playback for the title track of a new Zee TV show.

G.O.A.T. 2 winner

Who is a Hipi G.O.A.T.?

You’re a creator who loves humming a good tune, and have a knack for making engaging videos.

You could be an ambitious singer, a head turner at any event, a bathroom singer who wants a breakthrough, or a home maker who has a flair for singing.

You want to leverage a trendy, youth friendly digital platform to find the right audience for your singing talent.

It's time for the Hipi G.O.A.T. Finale rounds!

Mark your calendars for the electrifying clash of extraordinary talents as the Hipi G.O.A.T. Finale begins to determine the next Hipi G.O.A.T.

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How does Hipi

G.O.A.T. 2 unfold

Hipi G.O.A.T. 2 is a four-month nationwide talent hunt for the greatest singer of all time. It’s a platform for anyone who is passionate about singing and loves performing.

Details about the contest:

A four-month pan-India contest where songs from all Indian languages are accepted.

One unique singing challenge will be released every two weeks.

At the end of every challenge, four winners will be announced from 4 zones of the country: Voice of the East, Voice of the West, Voice of the North and Voice of the South.

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All the challenges will be judged based on the singing and the quality of performance in the videos.

At the end of 3 months, 24 winners of the challenges will compete in the grand finale for an additional month, with eliminations happening every week. These 4 weeks will determine the most magical voice of India.

At the end of the grand finale, the Hipi G.O.AT. will emerge with a dream chance to record a music video under the Zee Music label. Apart from this, the 1st Runner up gets to playback for the title track of a new Zee TV show.

Win cash prizes, every day!

Want to make quick money with your entries? Garner likes on your challenge videos and stand a chance to earn Rs. 1000.

Excited? Here’s more info:

Upload your video entries with the respective challenge’s hashtag.

Get the like button tapped on your videos by sharing it with your friends and family.

The top 20 entries with maximum likes will appear on the leaderboard. The leaderboard will update new likes every 10 minutes so don’t forget to keep an eye out!

Every day at 10 p.m, the top creator on the leaderboard will become the chosen leader of the day and win a cash prize of Rs. 1000.

If you win, you need to accept the cash prize within 2 hours, or the next viral creator in line will take your place.

Daily Leaderboard

The Leaderboard only deals with the most liked videos and DOES NOT determine the winners of the challenges.

Every 15 days a new challenge is released, and the leaderboard will reset itself accordingly. Your previous challenge entries will not be valid anymore, but you can always participate in the new challenge to win.

Once you win, you will not be able get on the leaderboard until the next challenge is announced. Make sure to participate in the new challenge to grab Rs. 1000 again.

Discover the victorious voices of Hipi G.O.A.T. challenges

Join us in celebrating the exceptional talents who have triumphed in each electrifying challenge. From soul-stirring melodies to breathtaking performances, these challenge winners have captivated our hearts and left us in awe.

Challenge winners


Hipi Stunner Challenges


June 16- July 4

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June 1- June 15

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May 16- May 31

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March 31- April 14

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How to participate

Step 1: Download the Hipi app

Step 2: Sign up or log in to your Hipi account

Step 3: Use the respective challenge's hashtag in your video entries

Are you the Greatest Of All Time?

Your BIG BREAK is here!

Each challenge will have 4 zonal winners who will win a cash prize of Rs. 15,000 each and qualify directly for the final round.

There are a total of six challenges for three months.

The 24 finalists will then compete among themselves for the title of Hipi G.O.A.T. 2!

The winner of G.O.A.T. 2 will win a cash prize of Rs. 1 Lac and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to record a music video under the Zee Music label. Apart from this, the 1st Runner up gets to playback for the title track of a new Zee TV show!

You also stand a chance to win Rs.1000 every day with Leaderboard.

Palak Muchhal

Judge of Hipi G.O.A.T. 2

Palak Muchhal is a singing prodigy who burst on the Bollywood scene in 2012 with her chart-topping performance in Ek Tha Tiger. She followed it up with more hits in Aashiqui 2, Kick, Action Jackson, Kaabil and more. Her singing calibre has forever been cemented with her rendition of the song 'Kaun Tujhe' by Amaal Mallik from the film M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story, one of her most celebrated songs. The Himesh Reshammiya composition 'Jumme Ki Raat' also went on to become the biggest hit of 2014. Even before the age of 10, she had released six non-filmi albums through prominent names like Tips Music and T-Series. Her singing talent encompasses her proficiency in rendering songs in over 17 Indian languages.

Above all, Palak stands out as a gem of a human being in using her singing talent since childhood to raise money for several worthwhile causes. Currently her “Palak Muchhal Heart Foundation” has transformed the lives of over 2200 heart patients to date. She is a shining example of how exceptional singing talent can be used to help humanity and it is an honour to have her as one of the judges for this season of Hipi GOAT.

Sireesha Bhagavatula

Co-winner of Hipi G.O.A.T. S1

Sireesha Bhagavatula is a youth sensation in India with her off the chart hits in the Qala album released on Netflix. As the winner of Hipi G.O.A.T. season 1, Sireesha has never failed to mesmerize her audience worldwide with her perfect vocals. After being crowned as the Hipi G.O.A.T., she has done major playbacks with the big names in the singing industry like A.R Rahman and Amit Trivedi. Furthermore, Sireesha has given us several blockbuster songs while ascending the industry's ladder, including Phero Na Najariya, Ghodey Pe Sawaar and Shauq from Qala, Sye from PS1, and Yalo Yedu Sundara from Cobra.

Check out her exclusive interview. here

Chirag Tomar

Co-winner of Hipi G.O.A.T. S1

Starting his singing journey with Hipi, Chirag has made his mark in the industry with his profound voice. Gaining a massive following on the platform, the singer became well recognized after his duet with the gifted Shilpa Rao on the famous show Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.

Owing to the platform, Chirag said, ‘Being a part of Hipi has changed my life. From being respected as a singer amongst my friends, family, the Hipi audience and now nationwide to releasing my first original, I’ve been on cloud nine. The app has an array of life-changing opportunities up for grabs and I’m thrilled to know that the one-of-its-kind contest, Hipi G.O.A.T. is back with season 2. All the best to the upcoming contestants! You’re in for a roller coaster ride.’

Monthly challenge winners of the last season

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