What is the contest?

Music is one of many realms that distinguishes Punjab as a cultural area. Given its importance, music is a mode through which Punjabis display their identity. Hence, to showcase their talent and passion for music, Hipi has come up with an innovative Antakshari contest named #HipiPassTheMic.

If singing is your hobby or passion, then #HipiPassTheMic is the right challenge for you.

#HipiPassTheMic challenge is a contest to ignite your talent and knowledge for singing Punjabi and Hindi songs. A contest which offers you a platform where you allow your singing passion to be showcased through these videos and also to encourage others to take up your singing challenge.

So switch on your mic and join us on this entertaining Antakshari by making singing videos and challenging your friends and families to be part of this singing chain #HipiPassTheMic.

Who can participate?

If you have knowledge of Punjabi and Hindi songs and have passion for singing, then this is for you.

Show us what you Got.

What can you win?

A chance to sing a duet with Master Saleem on Zee Punjabi’s Semi Finale of Antakshari season 2.

You could win cash prizes every week!

How to participate?

Step 1: Login or Signup on Hipi app

Step 2: Click on Banner #HipiPassTheMic, sing a song, post a video and invite your friends or family members take up your challenge by sharing your video with them. Or take up the challenge and sing a song with the last alphabet given to you by your friend or family member, create & post your video (max 90secs), Include your caption with the hashtag #HipiPassTheMic and #DilPunjabi

Rules and Regulations:

1. The videos or entries are only valid if the videos are uploaded with hashtag #HipiPassTheMic and #DilPunjabi

2. The video duration should not exceed more than 90secs.

3. To participate one needs to be 18+ years of age.

4. Videos allowed in Punjabi & Hindi languages.

5. The video should be recorded in vertical format (9:16)

6. Use good light and backdrop to make presentable video


1. Who can participate?

Indian citizen above 18yrs

2. How to make account on Hipi App?

Download the App, register and login to your account and make videos

3. Do you need to be a trained actor to participate?

No, not at all. If you enjoy acting, you can participate

4. Do I need to pay to download Hipi?

No, its free & easy to use

5. Do I need to pay to participate in the contest?

No, it’s free for all to participate. Just download Hipi, create account & upload videos

6. For how long is the contest?

An ongoing contest. Create a singing video and tag your friend and continue the chain.

7. What do I win?

A chance to sing a duet with Master Saleem on Zee Punjabi’s Semi Finale of Antakshari season 2.

You could win cash prizes every week!

8. Will my acting videos come on TV?

No, your singing videos of contest will not come on TV

9. Will I be paid to upload my acting videos?

No, you will not be paid.

10. Can I submit videos in any language?

No, it has to be in Punjabi or in Hindi

11. How many videos can I upload in 01 day?

1 singing video.

12. What is the duration of videos to be submitted?

Not more than 90secs

13. Do I need to submit solo videos, or Can I upload duet or group videos too?

You can upload solo or duet videos, can have your friends or family members singing in it. Always use the relevant hashtag #HipiPassTheMic #DilPunjabi

14. What is engagement rate?

Engagement rate for video is total of likes, comments, shares, downloads per video view.

15. How many videos do I need to upload to be eligible in the contest?

Once the competition starts the weekly winner announcement will take place every end of the week.