Hipi Goat

Hipi rewards is a token of appreciation from Hipi to our incredible community of users. When you watch and engage with videos on a consistent basis on Hipi, you can earn rewards that can be redeemed for cash.

How do Hipi rewards work?

You will move one step forward towards earning a reward each time you open the app, watch videos and engage with the video in the home feed.
The reward would be in the form of scratch cards. Once you get them, scratch to check if you’ve earned Coins or offers.
There are no rules and no daily tasks. Keep watching the videos on Hipi app and you will keep getting a new scratch card periodically.
The higher the number of times you open the app, the higher are your chances to earn a new scratch card.
As you watch more videos and engage by liking, following or sharing the video in the home feed the chances of you getting a scratch card increases.
The longer you watch a video, you increase your chance of getting a new scratch card. A video should be viewed for at least 5 seconds duration for it to be considered for earning a reward.
The Coins earned are added to your balance automatically and can be redeemed to your PayTM wallet linked to your mobile phone.


  • You will need to install Hipi android app on your phone and sign-up. If you already have an account with Hipi, you can directly login using your account on Hipi app. Once signed up or logged in, you would be eligible to earn rewards.
  • A user can participate in Hipi rewards program using a single account only. If a user logs into the app using multiple accounts, the user will be disqualified from the Hipi rewards program.
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