What is the contest?

We bring to you, the most iconic dialogues of one of the most favourite shows on Indian TV, Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, which is Sahi Pakde Hain.

If you are a creator who dares to act in a fun way or loves to lip-sync the dialogues & jokes and secretly wish that you could be that TV character, then this is for you.

A contest to ignite your passion of acting by becoming the Bhabiji with your fun take on it. A contest which offers you a platform where you allow your unique personality to show through these videos.

So wear your acting shoes and join us on this fun roller coaster ride by making fun videos from our pool of Sahi Pakde Hain dialogues.

Who can participate?

If you love to act, if you love to create fun videos on social media, this is for you.

Show us what you Got.

What can you win?

A chance to meet & greet your favorite Angoori Bhabiji on the sets of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain.

How to participate?

Step 1: Login or Signup on Hipi app

Step 2: Click on the banner for #SahiPakdeHain on Discover screen, select your favorite dialogue, create & post your video (max 90secs). You can also create a duet video by selecting your favorite video from #SahiPakdeHain hashtag screen. Don’t forget to include the hashtag #SahiPakdeHain in the captions for the video.

Rules and Regulations:

1. The videos or entries are only valid if the videos are uploaded with hashtag #SahiPakdeHain.

2. The video uploaded should be either a lip-sync video or a duet video

3. The video duration should not exceed more than 90secs.

4. To participate one needs to be 18+ years of age.

5. Videos are allowed in hindi language only.

6. The video should be recorded in vertical format (16:9)

7. The creators can dress like the characters (optional)


1. Who can participate?

Indian citizen above 18yrs

2. How to make account on Hipi App?

Download the App, register and login to your account and make videos

3. Do you need to be a trained actor to participate?

No, not at all. If you enjoy acting, you can participate

4. Do I need to pay to download Hipi?

No, its free & easy to use

5. Do I need to pay to participate in the contest?

No, it’s free for all to participate. Just download Hipi, create an account or login, and upload videos

6. For how long is the contest?

It’s an ongoing contest. Enjoy making videos on as many dialogues as much possible.

7. What do I win?

Every month the winner who gets highest engagement for his video, gets a chance to meet & greet your favorite Angoori Bhabiji on the sets of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain. Engagement for video is total of likes, comments, shares, downloads per video view.

8. Will my acting videos come on TV?

No, your acting videos of contest will not come on TV

9. Will I be paid to upload my acting videos?

No, you will not be paid just for uploading videos.

10. Can I submit videos in any language?

No, the videos should be in Hindi

11. How many videos can I upload in 01 day?

As many as you want on as many dialogues as you want.

12. What is the duration of videos to be submitted?

Not more than 90secs

13. Do I need to submit solo videos, or Can I upload duet or group videos too?

You can upload solo or duet videos, can have your friends or family members acting in it. Always use the relevant hashtag #SahiPakdeHain

14. What is engagement rate?

Engagement rate for video is total of likes, comments, shares, downloads per video view.

15. How many videos do I need to upload to be eligible in the contest?

You need to upload minimum 01 video to be eligible for the contest using the relevant hashtag.

16. Do we need to upload everyday?

There is no compulsion as such. But more videos, increases the chances of engagement & chance to meet & greet your favourite Angoori Bhabiji on the sets of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain.

17. When will be winner announced?

Once the competition starts the winner announcement will take place every end of the month.

18. How do I upload a duet video?

Select the video you want to create the duet video with. Select on share option on the right side of the video. In the Share options, select on ‘Duet’. Record your video and upload it as per the instructions shared above.