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Are you a seller looking to revolutionize your online business? Look no further! Hipi is here to transform the way you connect with customers and boost your revenue.

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Why to sell with Hipi Shop?

Competitive Advantage

Video commerce is the future of e-commerce. By joining Hipi early on, you'll gain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving online marketplace.

Shoppable Experiences

At Hipi, we're all about turning videos into shoppable experiences. Imagine your products featured in entertaining videos that captivate and engage potential buyers. With our platform, users can discover and purchase your products seamlessly while enjoying the content.

Expansive Reach

We boast a rapidly growing user base, eager to discover new and exciting products. By listing your perfume collection on Hipi, you'll instantly gain access to a vast audience of potential customers who are interested in unique fragrances.

First Party data

When a user places an order, we pass on all the necessary information, for you to fulfil the order, and use that data to build your future.

Revenue Potential

With our platform's unique ability to engage users through video commerce, you can expect to see substantial growth in sales.

Dedicated support

List your products on our platform, and we'll assist you every step of the way. Our dedicated account managers will be at your disposal to ensure a seamless onboarding experience.

Let's Get Started

Ready to boost your revenue and transform your online sales strategy? Let's discuss how Hipi can specifically benefit your brand.