Hipi Stunner 2022 Contest presented By Nikita Anand

Own the red carpet!

Hipi Stunner is designed for you to celebrate your uniqueness both in body and style. It holds no boundaries, no types, no skin tones and no ethnicity. Showcase how you carry your fashion up your sleeve and walk the big stage in style. Be a tenner, a Hipi Stunner.

October Challenge 1 is now Live

Show us how would you dress up for Diwali at home

Participate in both challenges of the month to win a cash prize of INR 1,00,000 and much more. Check out the October Challenge 1 details HERE

Who is a Hipi Stunner?

You’ve always been a Hipi Stunner! How? See for yourself:

You enjoy dressing up, have a knack for style and bond with clothes like no one you know does.

You are a content creator or not, a serious fashion follower or not, a trendsetter in your family or college, a home entrepreneur, a known fashionista at work or just someone who likes to keep it stylish and fashionable on a daily basis.

You may not have fashionable clothes, but you are always ready to consume anything even remotely related to fashion.

You aspire to be recognized for your talent and celebrated in a way that not only reinstates your belief in yourself but also wins the confidence of people around you.

You’re looking for validation of your skills from the industry’s best of the best and want to be mentored and guided by a top fashion maestro.

You love the spotlight and it’s about time you turn your love for fashion into something bigger.

You want to leverage a platform to be seen and for exposure into the world of fashion.

You want the world to see you as someone who has made a mark, an achiever, as someone who has rightfully earned a place amongst the best and one whose evolution journey is nothing short of remarkable.

If your answer to any of the above or most of the above is a Yes, then you could be a Hipi Stunner and we are looking for you.

How does Hipi Stunner unfold

It’s a 6-month contest for everyone and anyone who loves fashion irrespective of gender, age, height, weight or marital status. It’s a platform for all entertainment-loving people to come together to:

Create and consume great fashion-based content

Share and showcase their talent with individuality

Grow into the business of fashion

Feel validated and by being seen, heard, loved and followed.

Each month the participants enter two fashion-based challenges presented by Nikita Anand that leads to content that is unique, fresh and entertaining.

The best performing videos would get visibility in the Discover section of Hipi App.

At the end of each month, the very best content creator amongst the best performing videos is chosen by Nikita Anand for the title of the Hipi Stunner in a memorable and a very special coronation ceremony.

Hipi Stunner gets a cash prize of Rs 1,00,000, and a blue ticked verified account on Hipi App.

At the end of six months, the six Hipi Stunners get a taste of life in the limelight that many only dream of as they walk the red carpet of the Zee Cine Awards, telecasted worldwide on TV.


Hipi Stunner Challenges

October Challenge 1

Festivities with a twist

Oct 1-14

Watch challenge video
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Hipi Stunner Challenges

October Challenge 2

Celebrate like a Celeb

Oct 15-30

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Hipi Stunner Challenges

September Challenge 1

To the Star in you

Sept 1-14

Watch challenge video
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Hipi Stunner Challenges

September Challenge 2

Repurpose with Style

Sept 15-30

Watch challenge video
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Hipi Stunner Challenges

August Challenge 1

A Nostalgic Summer

Aug 1-14

The Winner
Watch challenge video
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Hipi Stunner Challenges

August Challenge 2

For the Moody Monsoon

Aug 16-30

The Coronation
Watch challenge video
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How To Participate

Step 1: Download Hipi

Step 2: Login to Hipi/ Create an Account

Step 3: Create your fashion videos based on the challenges of the month

Step 4: Upload your videos on Hipi using the hashtag #HipiStunner

The Host

Nikita Anand

Miss India Universe 2003

Nikita won the title of Miss India Universe in 2003. Since then, she has been seen on numerous magazine covers, fashion weeks, designer shoots, ad campaigns, and Bollywood films. She rubs shoulders with the top industry experts in the fashion and lifestyle circuit and has been a muse for top fashion designers like Ritu Kumar, JJ Vallaya, and Mona Pali.

Nikita Anand - Miss Universe at Hipi Stunner 2022
Frequently Asked Questions
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Are there any restrictions in the way we style ourselves?
Can I mix different styles, like western with ethic?
Are Haul fashion videos accepted?
How to open an Account on Hipi App?
How long is the contest?
How many winners are there every month?
How many videos can I upload in one day?
How are the winners chosen?
What is engagement Rate?
How many videos do I need to upload to be eligible for the contest?
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